Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wrestling With Gods

I have two main passions in my life.  First is my faith and second is my creativity.  When I learned from my publisher’s wife that the Tesseracts 18 theme was faith in sci fi and fantasy I lit up with enthusiasm. I could write a story with both of my passions melded together.  Technically I dreamt the whole thing that very night.  It only took three days to finish it.  I truly felt inspired to write. 
If I break down the need for religion into simple terms it is to explain life’s mysteries and the powers that are beyond the grasp of our mortal minds and bodies.  Us  human beings living on earth want to know we are not left here helpless; that someone or something has control over these powers; time, energy, thought, matter, light, life and death. Is there a God who blesses or curses according to these seven creative powers?  What would happen if mankind were allowed to manipulate them?  Would it spell disaster?
Mankind is known for being foolish and selfish. The more authority we gain the more we abuse that authority.   Must we be protected from ourselves as if we were little children?  Is there no one on earth mature enough or responsible enough to be in total control?  Do we need an omniscient God to direct our paths?
These were the questions I wanted answered in my story, The Seven Creations.  Using the fantasy avenue it becomes easy to invent or create a religion to fulfill my character’s purposes.  The entire idea of genre fiction is to present a make believe world to the reader and allow them to compare it to their reality.  Many times it is easier to convey lessons, symbols, morals or solutions to the human dilemma in a fantasy or sci fi setting.  It’s not as personal, allowing the reader to have an objective view point unattached to real world traditions or stereotypes embedded deep inside their lifestyles.  As a writer, I can open your eyes to a faith that brings hope and comfort or a doubt that brings ignorance and fear.  I can show you a path of trust or a pit of hatred.  I can tell you a story about wrestling with Gods.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Wow I have been off in lala land for too long.  There are some great things headed your way.

1. I am teaching art journaling, poetry, and multi media art classes and I could use some more students.

2. Edge SFFP is having a promo for Tesseracts and I will be at Word on the Street Sept 20th at the Lethbridge Public Lib signing copies.  Come out and support local authors.

3. Arts Days is coming up and I will be demonstrating 3 dimensional art at the Galt Museum on Friday Sept 25th.

4. Here's a paper tardis

Monday, May 11, 2015

Inkitt Contest

Image result for fantasy magic world image"Epic Worlds: A New Adventure." Take us on an epic journey with your best fantasy stories. Submit ancient tales about dragons and griffins, or tell us your vision of the future through a science fantasy story. We want you to unleash your imagination and show us what you've got and write a truly unforgettable fantasty adventure.

Submit your best original fantasy fiction stories of up to 15,000 words. And, as always, there is no entry fee. The top 10% based on reader votes get the chance to be picked by the Inkitt staff for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.

Image result for fantasy magic world image1st Place

5 printed-and-bound copies of story with cover created by Inkitt’s designer; $100 Cash

2nd Place

$50 Cash

3rd Place

$30 Cash


11:59pm PST on June 3rd

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tesseracts Book Launch

I am excited for May 6th when I will be hosting a book launch party for Tesseracts 18: Wrestling With Gods at 7pm at the Lethbridge Public Library Crossings Branch. Join me and Megan Fennel as we read bits of our stories.  There will be treats, coffee, a cozy fire and lots of books. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Library Card or University Degree?

I've always been mad about tuition prices and degree dumping.  I honour the public school system to a point until it becomes unfair.
In an article by webucator founder Nat Dunn says:
Studies often compare what college graduates make compared to high school graduates. For example, this Pew Research Center article  points out that college graduates ages 25 to 32 who are working full time earn about $17,500 more per year than high school graduates of the same age. What these studies do not tell us is how well those college graduates would have done if they had decided not to go to college. In other words, is it the college education/degree that leads to higher paying jobs or is it that people who choose to go to college have more going for them, whether it be intelligence or drive or connections, already? And it is whatever that more is that leads to better paying jobs whether or not they go to college.
What if, for example, instead of going to college some high school graduates spent four years studying at the public library? Could they do as well as if at four-years of college?
Interesting question.  How many amazing on-line courses are out there? Webucator has just offered all of its courses for free to the public library system. World Science University  and Great Courses are other favorites of mine.  I've used them when homeschooling my kids and advancing my own education. I think people should always be learning, but I don't think I can soundly make a career from a seat at my local library.  I don't think employers take on-line education seriously. Sure, they should use it to motivate, and improve their staff, but when hiring they want to see your piece of paper proving how smart you are. It's a shame because I also can't afford tuition costs. 
On the other side, I am a writer.  Do I need an English Degree? No. I took all my courses on line or at conventions.  The writers I know with degrees might get paid better, but many times they are a pen for hire and don't get to chose what topic they write about.  That is not the career for me.
So sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  It's up to you what you do with your brain. It can be used for more that just your job.
Most important I want to stress the importance of the library.  This is a place full of energy and discovery.  A place to set free your imagination and creative spirit.A place to find an answer to anything.