Thursday, September 8, 2016

Creative Writing Classes

Join me at CASA for a creative writing class starting October 21st. I am excited to use a story analysis tool kit made by the makers of ON SPEC as part of my curriculum.  See the CASA website for details

Monday, April 4, 2016

Here is the first drawing in my coloring book.  There are 30 pages of fun collections and portraits of human curiosity in "Collections and Curiosities" accompanied by quotes from some of my favorite people including Bill Nye, Leonardo DaVinci and Maya Angelou.  Official release date is May 1st but I'm taking pre-orders at 20 clams including shipping. Meet me at Kapow Comics and Games on Free Comic Book Day to receive a free print of Harley Quinn and check out the other 29 drawings in "Collections and Curiosities"!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Coloring Book Release Date

Collections and Curiosities
The time is drawing near for my newest coloring book to hit the shelves.  30 hand-drawn images of life and nature collected into one scene.  On-line orders are 20 bux Canadian including shipping or you can find them locally at Chapters in  Lethbridge. I am very excited about the book coming together with a wise quote accompanying every image.  AND if you stick around the blog I will be posting a FREE PAGE close to release day, May 1st.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Book Review: Revenge of the Sea

Revenge of the Sea by Jesse Giles ChristiansenBesides being a very amiable person, Jesse Giles Christiansen has a way with words. His writing style reminds me of something classic like Ernest Hemingway with some modern steamy elements like Anne Rice. His main character, Ethan, deals with a dark past that haunts him, a ruined marriage that he is obsessed with and to a group of scandalous relationships forced together to save the planet from a catastrophic virus. He doesn’t have any skills to combat the virus and so acts like an outside observer, with the exception of specific knowledge he gained in previous encounters with the dangerous ocean in Pelican Bay. His voice sounds so personal I almost believe this is an autobiography.I’ll admit I find his sexual objectification of women a bit too much for me but that seems to be a typical element of the noir/ adventure genre. The characters are a bit exaggerated but well defined; the setting is clear and the premise intriguing. Previous Pelican Bay adventures are attached but not dependent to Revenge of the Sea.  View all my reviews here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wrestling With Gods

I have two main passions in my life.  First is my faith and second is my creativity.  When I learned from my publisher’s wife that the Tesseracts 18 theme was faith in sci fi and fantasy I lit up with enthusiasm. I could write a story with both of my passions melded together.  Technically I dreamt the whole thing that very night.  It only took three days to finish it.  I truly felt inspired to write. 
If I break down the need for religion into simple terms it is to explain life’s mysteries and the powers that are beyond the grasp of our mortal minds and bodies.  Us  human beings living on earth want to know we are not left here helpless; that someone or something has control over these powers; time, energy, thought, matter, light, life and death. Is there a God who blesses or curses according to these seven creative powers?  What would happen if mankind were allowed to manipulate them?  Would it spell disaster?
Mankind is known for being foolish and selfish. The more authority we gain the more we abuse that authority.   Must we be protected from ourselves as if we were little children?  Is there no one on earth mature enough or responsible enough to be in total control?  Do we need an omniscient God to direct our paths?
These were the questions I wanted answered in my story, The Seven Creations.  Using the fantasy avenue it becomes easy to invent or create a religion to fulfill my character’s purposes.  The entire idea of genre fiction is to present a make believe world to the reader and allow them to compare it to their reality.  Many times it is easier to convey lessons, symbols, morals or solutions to the human dilemma in a fantasy or sci fi setting.  It’s not as personal, allowing the reader to have an objective view point unattached to real world traditions or stereotypes embedded deep inside their lifestyles.  As a writer, I can open your eyes to a faith that brings hope and comfort or a doubt that brings ignorance and fear.  I can show you a path of trust or a pit of hatred.  I can tell you a story about wrestling with Gods.