Sunday, September 30, 2018

The anthology: Halli Lilburn editor

Back in August, Coffin Hop Press released the anthology The Dame was Trouble edited by me, Cat McDonald and Sarah Johnson. I wanted to see some tank chicks in action and this book has got them.  It is a huge compliment to my abilities as an editor, so much so that I decided to take a certification exam with Editors Canada.  So cross your fingers for me, it's expensive.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Adding another skill

I'm talking about editing.  You may laugh and say, but Halli, I find mistakes on your blog all the time and it's true, you do.  But I've found a sub-category called structural editing that I'm good at. I can help you create style, logic, plot fluidity, character development and realistic dialogue.  I am happy to say my first anthology as an editor, "The Dame Was Trouble", is finished and will be presented by Coffin Hop Press at When Words Collide in Calgary, Aug.12. My years teaching creative writing and visual stories has lead my to this moment.  In fact, I am taking my certification with Editors Canada in November. You can find my face on the Essential Edits website along with the motto:
 Clarity   Precision   Accuracy   Brevity

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Think about donating to the newest anthology I am in.  Put together by true Frankenstein historians on the anniversary of Mary Shelley's master piece.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The new schedule for CASA is out.  If you are interested in taking my visual stories class you can find a one day workshop here. May 5th. or a 6 week class starting June 9th here.

Visualizing your stories helps bring them to light. Brighten your wording, create tension, find your voice and edit with a keen eye.  We will discuss time lines, characters, revisions and the publishing world. Each student will receive a personal critique. Using fun ideas and exercises, we will create art and text that work together to form your unique story. Participants bring notebook and writing implements to each class.

Or my new steampunk workshop May 26th
Explore steampunk in all its forms, hear examples in the media and make a small craft. Inspired by the industrial steam-powered machinery of 19th century Victorian England, this subgenre branches out in an era of romantic optimism, adventurous perspective on anachronistic technologies, retro-futuristic inventions, alchemy, fashion, etiquette, architectural style and art. Steampunk knowledge can be the basis for further research in writing, art, cosplay and adventures.
Materials provided.

These are adult classes but I can sneak in some youth.  Just tell the man you are 18 at registration.