Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Cute old white man graces the cover of the newest Tesseracts. 22: Alchemy and Artifacts.  Each story is a moment in history where magic symbols and talismans interfere.  My story is about the potato famine in Ireland and how fairies would crawl into your mouth and eat the food in your stomach. It's gross. I am reading it at When Words Collide in Calgary, Aug 9th at 4pm.  Come listen to me botch an Irish accent.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Book Signing

The book launch for the Frankenstein anthology is set for 7pm, MAY 3rd.  At Kapow Comics and Games in Lethbridge.  Come support local author and artist, me.  I'll bring treats. The next day will be cool too because it's free comic book day and I compiled a colouring book of local artists and it's FREE

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Art Show

Mentors in stories can mean many things. My favorite duo is Sherlock and Molly.  She was the only one who saw things he couldn't see. This and many others will be on display at Happy Harbour in Edmonton from March 1-14.  I will be there opening night.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Tesseracts 22

Tesseracts 22: Alchemy and Artifacts

So, I have the best news of the year.  My story Joint-Eaters made it into the new Tesseracts!
Here's How it Happened: Sometimes when a call for submissions goes out I look at the theme and I think 'Wow, I could do something with that".  When Tess 18 came out, I knew it then and Tess 22 hit me in the same way.  Both times I wrote the story in 2 days.  It just flowed out which is rare for me. Also, I knew the editors so I could get a better feel for the theme. One editor even subbed for The Dame was Trouble. And, I picked an Irish story so my ancestors were calling to me.
What I'm trying to say is it was written in the stars. I am elated.