Tuesday, November 29, 2005

last year in ethiopia a young girl was rescued from her kidnappers by three lions. the men were trying to force her into a marriage at the age of 12 . the lions scared them off and guarded her until her family came. it makes me wonder if the intellect of humans sometimes stoops lower than that of animals. they say there are three things that humans have that animals could never have. they are love, religion and art. if these kidnappers or any human being, dropped these three things out of their lives would they become animals? love, religion and art are ridiculous things to animals, unnecessary and pointless. so who asked those lions to rescue that girl? can an animal answer to any higher power, besides instinct, that even people are blind to? what will it take to rescue you from these animals?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

bear me

i wanted to set this up because i feel like im interesting enough people might want to know me. i have some ideas about society and the lack of my association with it that could fuel a fire or two. since i dont feel like fighting i'll harber my hatred in this bottle and discuss rationally why families, governments, wars and poetry work sometimes, and why sometimes they dont. life has placed me here on earth with the responsibility to figure out, not its purpose, i already know that, but the connection between my purpose and yours. thus the epitome can resolve my curiosity without changing my exsistence.