Tuesday, November 29, 2005

last year in ethiopia a young girl was rescued from her kidnappers by three lions. the men were trying to force her into a marriage at the age of 12 . the lions scared them off and guarded her until her family came. it makes me wonder if the intellect of humans sometimes stoops lower than that of animals. they say there are three things that humans have that animals could never have. they are love, religion and art. if these kidnappers or any human being, dropped these three things out of their lives would they become animals? love, religion and art are ridiculous things to animals, unnecessary and pointless. so who asked those lions to rescue that girl? can an animal answer to any higher power, besides instinct, that even people are blind to? what will it take to rescue you from these animals?


Seaneria said...

Allow me take the privledge up and be the inaugural commenter on this virgin comment section. It makes sense you having a blog Halli...sorry, Phyllis, you abound with clever interpretations of the world around you. I look forward to your opinions flying like feces in a monkey pen, and look to be one of the eager readers waiting to recieve my daily/weekly dose. Good Luck.

jay said...

wow. it's a friday noght and i am reading this and wanting to comment, but,, wow that's deep. cheesecake can rescue me from a lot.
i just thought that was a cool story and there are many others like a few kids in alberta who were rescued by bears.

phyllis sweetwater said...

thank you for your enthralling comments. i am so glad to see that my thought provoking message has inspired such depth of character to arise out of the best of society.