Sunday, December 4, 2005

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i blame my parents for alot of things. their difficiancies was a life sentence of blame from me. i hate being wrong about anything so it must have been something they did to me. the horrible injustice of having imperfect parents befalls us all. so what is to be done? we can grow up, learn from their mistakes, have our own children and vow to be so perfect and so proficient at our job that our children will never know we still have this gaping hole in our emotional well being. a hole that is a deep canyon of regret, and unfilled promises of undying support and devotion. our parents will never fill that hole. it is our children that will. we cannot force our parents to try again and get it right this time. their job is done. i am here i am an adult and i am fine. so i hate being wrong, that is not their fault.

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