Monday, February 20, 2006

too busy

i'm sorry i havent been keeping this blog updated. i've been feeling very weighed down and i dont take enough time out. If everyone who reads this wouldnt mind using this post to update me on what's new in their lives or tell me your favorite saying so i can feel in touch with y'all! here's my favorite saying "the wounds of a friend are sweeter than the kisses of an enemy".

Monday, February 13, 2006

back to my roots

i had an interesting conversation last night. it started out about the uselessness of daylight savings and evolved into the role on nature influence our schedules. i compared a pioneer to the modern day businessman. what has changed? how have we lost our dependency on nature and relied on technology. i dont think we have really moved forward, in fact i think our health is suffering. let me give you an example; before electricity man worked according to the schedule of the sun. we ate according to what we could grow and preserve according to the seasons. we traveled according to permitting weather. now days modern "conveniences" allow us to spend less time on survival and more time working. we work despite the darkness or the weather. we eat what ever we want because of international trade, refrigeration, and microwave ovens. we probably dont even cook it ourselves and half of what we consume isnt even real. we travel because there is no excuse to stay home anymore. winter is no longer a "recuperation time". there is no rest. i thought perhaps God intended us to follow the schedule of the earth and we have defied Him in our attempt to be better humans. can you think of other examples? i would love to hear some comments on this.