Tuesday, March 7, 2006

some pics of my kids

i wonder what the line is between taking some time off for you sanity and being selfish? i heard that a woman has to take a total of two weeks every year away from her family or she'll go insane. i also heard that god created children' s faces to be so cute that you love them no matter what they do to you. the irony of it is, every time i do get a break from them all i do is think about how cute they are.


phyllis sweetwater said...

A COMMENT POSTED ON NINJUTATION i would hope the world sees me as a poet and an artist even when i havent published or painted anything for years. i am a mother and that is everything right now. i fight inside myself to supress all else. if a let my passions out i wouldnt be focusing on mothering which is more important to my children. im banking for the day when they dont need my spare time anymore. but i do have singing, because that doesnt take any time, it doesnt make a mess, and i could join you on your mountain top and add my voice. I bet my kids would like it.

elisabeth said...

it's all worth it.