Thursday, April 27, 2006


just ran into a little trouble lately with enroling iarnan in kindergarten. we will probably be moving to lethbridge before he starts or was supposed to start in september. You see, his birthday is in feb, and cut off day in edmonton is march, but cut off day in lethbridge is dec. So here I was thinking he was going, and now that we are moving he is not. did he suddenly become unready or not smart enough? maybe the kids in lethbridge arent ready as fast as the kids in edmonton. ? do i have to resort to homeschooling?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

i planted my seedlings for spring. i'm trying tomatos for the first time. i've realized that hokey myth about gardening making you feel better is actually true. i can sit and stare at my plants growing and i literally will feel good. i would even go so far as to say excited. and what is better than playing in dirt? i used to think there was no point to flowers because i couldnt eat them and i should focus my efforts on vegtables. than i grew my first flowers and spent too long staring at them. i love them. if you need some therapy, grow some plants. here are a few i recomend that are hardy and grow fast: hostas- out door perenial. yucca plant- indoor tropical. rhubarb- outdoor perenial (grows big and easy to cook with). day lily- outdoor perenial that flowers all summer. pumkins- all you need is one and you'll be eating it for months and its amazing how many recipes you can make. Anyways, now i sound like a total green thumb, but the glory of plants is they are easy to replace when they die.