Sunday, June 11, 2006

good bye old house. i'm going to miss you. while i was gutting you, you were hugging me.


elisabeth said...

oh. kind of sad.
i was just feeling sad the other day, as i was talking to my brother and we were talking about meeting up in edmonton next month, i was just going to say that we would probably have a bonfire in your backyard and invite everyone we knew...and then it hit me. there would be no such bonfire in your backyard anymore. waaaaah...sob...sniff. sniff.

but you know, when we leave something behind, although it's kind of sad, it opens the door for something else. and that's fun to think about.

phyllis sweetwater said...

yeah, now we can come live with you.

Anonymous said...

Like leaning toward you when you are talking to me
Like suspending my own thoughts until you are through
Like watching your eyes so I can see what you see
Now even my house is tilting south toward you

phyllis sweetwater said...

is that you mom?

Misty said...

73rd? no 74th!
My hesitation makes me smile.
Time moves on. Its been a while.
Yes of course.
The old familiar welcoming view.
Familiar but with the senses gone
The face is new,
but at least the lights are on!

phyllis sweetwater said...

misty, who are you?