Wednesday, July 5, 2006

the veiw from my window

this house
and twisted chimney of sandy bricks
that doesnt quite reach up to the sky
that doesnt reach up over the roof
but rather melts down on top of it
a breathing hole
for the creature submerged in the domestic ocean beneath
the summer heat escapes slowly from within
curious of the source, the pines trees surrounding
this house
lean slightly
peaking through the vent shaft
dark echoing burrow
and are melted
with boredom
the scadaleous smoke is so transparent
dripping with silly sweat
the trees might find luck
if they lean over the next house.


elisabeth said...

that's a good poem halli. (i'm assuming you wrote it). it gives me the feeling of listlessness (is that even a word?)...and quiet observation. anyway, i enjoyed it.

phyllis sweetwater said...

yes i did and thankyou.

jay said...

well peomed my dear, i think listless is a good way to describe, like just listlessly looking on.... if that is what you meant.