Monday, August 14, 2006

where have i gone?

my life has changed with this move to lethbridge and i havent been committed at all to this blog. i'm sorry to those of you who have been checking it and havent seen anything new. I'm still here and i promise to update alittle more often. i caught myself getting depressed so i've challenged myself to get out of it. In case yall want some recent news, i turned thirty last week and now that it's over i can accept it. the approach was more nerve racking than passing the hurdle. I am where i want to be at 30 besides the fact that i'm not famous yet. In other news jay and i have put in our paper work (finally) for our next adoption (i think this is the last one) . I would love to adopt internationally, but i cant justify the expense when a local adoption is so much less. so if any of you know someone with 12 g's that they dont need and want to give it to me for the sake of aquiring children just pass it my way. in the mean time, please send me your favorite quotes and i'll let yall know which one i like best. cheers.