Wednesday, September 6, 2006

my heros

I've been thinking lately about the people that have influenced my life for good. This is a working list because even if you've done some sensational boost for my self-esteem i may have forgotten you. here it goes:

Eve - for making her own decisions
Rachel - because her story helped me decide to get married
Moroni - because he was lonely for so long, but still strong
Joseph Smith - because he restored the gospel
Joan of Arc - because she was a fighter
Hildegard Von Bingen - for composing such beautiful music and art, and for escaping the oppressive status of women.
Grace O'Malley - she was an irish pirate for over 50 years, and was never caught.
Pocahontas - for her bravery and because i'm her descendant
Pearl S. Buck - For knowing how to help children, and for being such a good author
The Doss Family - for adopting 12 mixed race children and making it work (see photo)
Maya Angelou - For keeping hold of her roots and for her eloquent and strong poetry
Sarah McLaughlin - she has a beautiful voice and she helped me through a bit of a depression Jeff Buckley - for the same thing as Sarah
Hilda Reid - she raised my father by herself and he turned out pretty cool.
Leone Sorensen - she inspired me to be self sufficient with food and gardening

i know i'm missing people and i didnt include any personal relations (besides my grandmothers) because that gets a bit complicated. Tell me who i've missed and maybe even make your own list.