Wednesday, December 6, 2006

government policies that suck

just a small incident today that lit a fuse in me i thought i would share. I went to the alberta registries to order a birth cirtificate for my daughter. Because she was born in British Columbia they gave me a B.C. form that i had to mail away. A couple hours later i had lost the form (my kids had lost the form, but i take responsibility) so i went back to get another one. A different woman was behind the desk and she said it cost me 2$. Two bux for a peice of paper. I told her the first woman did not charge me for the form. She said," yah well it's two dollars and she should have charged you for it." Steam came out of my ears I'm sure. So I paid the money and she said, "have a nice day." I walked out. Then when I get home what's the first thing I see laying in plain sight? THE FIRST FORM!!!! talk about ticked off! So if anybody needs to order a birth, marriage, or death certificate from B.C. just call me and I'd be happy to photocopy one of my forms for you so you dont have to succumb to another government scam.