Monday, April 23, 2007

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Someitmes my children wake up before me and have the house torn apart before 8 a.m. One morning I noticed some extra pics on the digital camera that they had taken of themselves eating spoonfuls of sugar for breakfast. It seems that criminal minds cannot help but keeps tokens or trophies of their misdeads to relive the crime over and over. (I learned that on TV).

Saturday, February 3, 2007

i hate taking pictures of myself

what's up with my non-photgenicness? i thought to myself wow my hair looks great today, having had the opputunity to use a hairdryer, so i took a picture and the 2 dimensional me just doesnt cut it. i want to be beautiful if only in my own eyes, but i'm too much of a lazy perfectionist (bad combination) i swear when my image gets captured, the camera spits on it before giving me the picture. so this was supposed to be a good day and its more like a bizzare twist of cartoon animation and bad lighting. go figure. go figure.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My grandmother's story

My grandmother's story

I am compiling a memoir of my grandmother, Hilda Reid. She died before I was born, but I feel like I know her. Here is a bite.

Everyone’s gotta have those reckless, care-free kind of days. I had reckless, care-free kind of years. Years where the two of us pretended not to age, pretended we had money to burn. We were the most popular couple in all of Lethbridge. You couldn’t tell Alvin was 8 years older than me, not with the crowd we hung out with. We didn’t abandon them, they abandoned us when they petered out and started staying home, having kids. We would just find a newer, younger, fresher crowd. With 10 kids in my family and 9 in his, we would pick another sibling until we were down to the youngest ones.
Having adventures outdoors was our favourite past-time. We would transform from city slickers to mountain men and women, pack up the model A with as much camping equipment and friends as we could fit, and head out to the Rockies.
“Come on darling, let me take your picture.” The day was windy and bright with huge puffy white clouds squished up against the mountains like cotton candy. Waterton Lake was choppy and cold and the boys were having bets to see who would dive in and dunk their heads under.
“What?” I gasped ,” I’m in a bathing suit!” the girls, Geneva and Cloe were giggling at themselves and their dates.
“Yah, I want to remember you in a bathing suit!” He winked and they giggled again, running up before I could stop them.
“We’ll be in the picture!” Cloe skipped over, knowing her boyfriend Rusty was watching everything.
“You can remember us in a swimming suit too” There was a very awkward silence, but Alvin snapped the photo anyways. I glared at him.
“Ok, ok! Now just you.”
“No, you have to be in it.” I wined, and the girls skipped over to him, pulling away the camera. Click. Click. Even now I see my frown in every one of those pictures. At least he didn’t take one of just him and my sisters. I’m slowly breaking him of that bad habit...