Saturday, February 3, 2007

i hate taking pictures of myself

what's up with my non-photgenicness? i thought to myself wow my hair looks great today, having had the opputunity to use a hairdryer, so i took a picture and the 2 dimensional me just doesnt cut it. i want to be beautiful if only in my own eyes, but i'm too much of a lazy perfectionist (bad combination) i swear when my image gets captured, the camera spits on it before giving me the picture. so this was supposed to be a good day and its more like a bizzare twist of cartoon animation and bad lighting. go figure. go figure.


elisabeth said...

funny. i seem to be having the same problem lately. that is why you will notice that there are no pictures of me on the mexico blog.
if nothing else, it keeps us humble, right?

phyllis sweetwater said...

i loved that snorkling picture, it was a classic.

elisabeth said...

ha yeah...and that was one of my best ones