Thursday, June 10, 2010

here I am

So three years ago was the last time I posted on here. I have new reasons to start up again, first and foremost being that I am writing a book. Actually three books. I am ready to start sharing with the world. So I will start with a poem.

People I never spoke to again.
When she realized who I was she said “I’m so sorry! Sorry for spitting on you in high school” That ex-basketball star with a tampon in her mouth. He was that drummer shifting shoulders to a good beat? Now fathering unknown children with sexy looks from behind the bar? I knew he was a skinhead back then, but if he could be friends with a communist, I thought there was still hope. Stopped at a light, beside me, the backseat of the taxi yelled my name like we used to be such good friends. How could I like you now when I never liked you then? Another boy with a close dance at the bar. “What are you doing here? I thought you were Mormon?” Both of us so disappointed our friendship ended on the spot. How could I convince him I wasn’t there to drink? Once in the stair way between classes I got up the courage to speak. “Hi”. His good looks exhausted me. “Not right now, are you?” frozen, his response didn’t sink in. ”What?” I heard the shock in my voice.”Holy sh-- man, you need to chill out.” And that was it for courage and confrontation. He was completely right.

I don't usually use fowl language, but this is a quote. If you think you might be one of those people I never spoke to again then drop me a line. I may or may not reject your comment.