Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I remember writing in high school; it was junk.  Every submission I sent was rejected.  That is why I am so amazed by young people with such natural talent for writing.  Hannah Moskowitz was 18 when she published this book.  There are three things that really stand out for me: Point of View -  She writes from a teenage boy's perspective and she does a bang on job.  No stereotypes, no exaggerations, just real life. Dialogue - I'm not taking about what the characters say, it's what they don't say. Getting the unspoken messages across should be impossible, but Hannah can do it.
The Human Condition - Nobody relates to a perfect hero.  Everyone relates to a hero who struggles through the whole book only to realize he's not the hero.   I'll warn you, there are A LOT of swears in this book.  It adds dimension to the characters, but you may find it a bit over the top.  Besides her books, Hannah has some amazing eye openers on her blog.  Look her up.http://hannahmosk.blogspot.com/

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