Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Challenge!

This BLOG could potentially take up alot of my time.  In fact, my whole life if I let it.  I am so glad to see the world of books alive and well, but we all don't need to preach to the converted.  What about the brainwashed, videogame- fried juve's out there who have never heard of Jane Austen? How do we save those sorry souls?  What kind of visions can we spur in those static minds?  Can a site like this interest the uninterested?  Can it bring in new blood?  Or are we simply wiggling inside our little cocoon, headless of the butterfly that cannot get out.
I have a challenge, nay, a mission.  To baptize the heathen by metomorphing their pagan ways and giving them wings!  We are not just WORMS! We, as writers, readers, and artists have an obligation to close our laptops speak out!   Our fellow bloggers do not need another follower, we do not need ourselves, the world needs us!  We do not need to create for each other another review that we have already heard; we need to create for them!  For the ones who won't read unless we make it worth their while.  What can we do? Well, I'll give you my answer: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the graphic novel by Seth Grahame-Smith. 
Now, I will explain.  When I see the laughter, or groans of disgusted bursting out of a teenager's mouth as he reads, I know my mission is complete.  When I see girls and boys putting down their cell phones, I-pods and DS's and talking to each other, writing notes about their latest literary encounter I know we have witnessed success.
So pen to paper my comrades!  Let us find a weapon against introversion, digital overdose and social melancholy.  A weapon mightier than the sword, mightier than the flat screen, mightier than the internet!  A weapon that will perk the interest of even the lowest of the digital gamers and pull them out of their comas and introduce them to their long lost emotions.  Make them laugh, make them cry, make them love you, make them hate you!  Make them follow you into hell and back and all because of what you give them; the written word.
My brothers and sisters, I plea with you.  Forget copy right.  Forget your query letters.  Forget your book reviews and give us something to READ.

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