Friday, November 26, 2010

I did it with four days to spare!

I just finished my first full length young adult, sci-fi novel.  Now I need to seriously revise it.  Then I need to sleep.  I thank you all for your support.  I hope my critique group is ready for all of the homework comming their way!  On another note, my book give away is also ending in four days so don't forget to enter.  It is for the graphic novel, Blood Song.  If you bring a friend I'll let you enter twice!

 Here is a snippet of my unedited novel.  It is titled "The Shifters"  dadadaaaaa.

When I got to my room I was the only one there.  I had taken the most risky but shortest route back so I wasn’t surprised.  First thing I did was call my parents. 
A groggy voice answered and I winced knowing I had woken them up.  As I spat out my story I began packing a backpack.  I was getting out of here.
“Halina? What on earth are you calling for?  It’s 1:30!”
“Sorry Mom, it’s an emergency!  Remember what you said about Spencer?  He wasn’t the only student who has disappeared!  There are more...”  I stopped.  There was someone out in the hallway.  Thank goodness someone else made it back.  The door knob turned...
“Halina what are you saying?  Is it not safe for you?  Halina?”  I could hear my mom’s voice in the receiver, but I had pulled the phone away from my ear and dropped it on the bed.  The person at the door was not one of my friends.  It was a man in a long black cloak.  It was Principal Arter.
I backed up until my legs hit the side of my bed.  The window was open and seemed to be my only escape.  If I could only get around the bed before...
“Miss Pawlak.  It seems you’re in a heep of trouble young lady.”  Arter’s jowls shook ,  his huge lips protruding over his long teeth.  His hands were hidden in his cloak.  He could be holding anything under there; pointing anything at me.  “Where are the others? Mr. Hassan, Mr. Peters, Miss Kurauchi and Miss Thatcher?”
“I don’t know...” I side stepped the foot of the bed, then froze as three more hooded figured blocked the door.  An unknown voice rose from beneath a hood,” We have secured Miss Kurauchi.”
No!  Not Jan!  I tried to keep my composure.  Then I remembered the plug in my pocket.  The plug I wasn’t supposed to use except in an emergency.  I had told my mom it was an emergency.  My mom!  Was she still on the line?  The principal grabbed my arm so I started yelling at the phone.
“Mom!  They’re kidnapping me!  Send Help!”   Arter ‘s eyes bugged out and he realeased me to dash to the phone.  He grabbed it off the bed to hang it up.  This was my chance.  I plunged forward grabbing the edge of the window sill.  I shoved my head though the opening and came face to face with Yusef as he was climbing up the trellis.  I almost kissed him, he was so close. He knew the trouble I was in and silently mouthed my name.   I shook my head warning him to remain quiet.  If I hadn’t stalled I could have made it out, but hands grabbed my legs pulled me backwards.  I strained to keep hold of the ledge.  Yusef grabbed my arms trying to pull me towards him.
“No!” I shouted, looking into his fearful eyes.  I wasn’t going to let him get caught too.  Someone had to escape to tell our parents; to put a stop to this.  Yusef squeezed his eyes shut but he did not let go.  I was being ripped in half.
“Miss Pawlak!” Arter was growling, ”Let go immedeatly!”
Yusef remained quietly struggling.  He looked desperate to help me.
“Let go...” I winced.  His footing on the trellis was slipping.  He lost his grip and fell to the ground. My hands holding the window sill tore the muscles in my fingers until I had to let go.  I was dragged backwards by my legs onto the floor.  ...  dadadaaa 


Colene Murphy said...

Awesome! Congratulations!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Congratulations! That's WAY exciting!!!!

~Elizabeth :)