Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Book review:
by Jerry Weinberg
Imagine a world where people are dying from toxic pollutants in the atmosphere -Where people are being abused and used as pawns to feed the greed of the machine –Where the highest level of the corporate ladder are completely ignorant to the needs of its people.  This is life on the planet of Precursor.  Serious change is needed, but only one girl has the guts to act.  Libra uses her vast knowledge of chemical science to terrorize the system and induce a need for change in the citizens of her planet.  She begins by attacking a factory and halting the further spewing of pollution.  In so doing, she has sealed her fate.
Mistress of Molecules is a satirical look on what we are doing to our own planet.  Libra sets the example of how we should act to save our own corrupt planet.  Would it take a terrorist plot by a secret society to wake us up to our own human needs?  Would we support their actions or would we oppose and punish such drastic actions.  This book will determine what side you are on.
The writing style is amazing and unique.  The author has created a very believable and honest world on the planet of Precursor.  A world that reflects our own future if we don’t take measures of prevention. 
If future readers are willing to ignore some grammar mistakes, the story is a fascinating one.


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