Friday, January 28, 2011

My First Publication

I can't believe I haven't put this link in sooner!  I have three of my poems and photographs in the winter issue of Grey Sparrow Journal  awarded Best New Literary Journal of the Year.  I am so happy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book Reveiw: The Keepsake

Of all of the library donations I have been going through, this one sparked my interest the most.  The Keepsake refers to the dead bodies the Archeology Killer preserves in historically accurate ways in order to keep them "close" to him.  The author's medical background helps with the descriptions on how the killer turns his victims into a mummy, a shrunken head, and a bog-man. (I always wondered how they did it).  It's a cool idea, but I don't think he could pull it off with such accuracy that he would fool an entire museum and all of its archeological staff members.  The book spends alot of time swaying between two suspects, making the concluding revelation unsurprising. 
I do enjoy the cover - comparing pinned butterflies to a murder victim is fantastic, although the book has nothing in it about pinned butterflies.  My favorite part was learning how to make a shrunken head. (not that I would ever get the chance...)

Friday, January 14, 2011

What Twilight means to me.

I have been thinking about Twilight.  My crit group did a little analyzing and this is what I concluded.  I try not to compare books to movies. For one thing Edward was cast all wrong.  Meyers herself said he wasn't what she invisioned. In the books she says he was the most perfect looking person.  So I'm keeping that image of him instead of seeing Patterson in my mind's eye.  Jacob was cast better.  He looks the part, but his acting is somewhat to be desired.  His character is immature, which is a turnoff, but I think he redeems himself during Breaking Dawn when it is seen from his POV.
So, with that said, the "team" I am on is no team, except maybe Edward's, but only the book version of Edward and only if he was a wearwolf and not a vampire.  Love triangles build a very personal  fear in me since I was in one and it almost ruined my life.  The Twilight saga mirrored my own experience so closley it made me really freak out.  I had an edward who went away and a jacob who took his place. I understand how an objectional veiwpoint could see the obvious choice I should have made.  Heck, I could see the obvious choice, but I just couldn't get away from jacob.  He was bad for me in every way, but I had no control!  Anyways, my wearwolf version of edward came back, thank goodness, but it was heart wrenching. I like twilight, not because it is a great story, but because it is MY story.  Bella's choice is my choice.
Now that I've spilled my guts I think I will post a picture of my "wearwolf edward" for all to see. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lisbeth's Fruit Basket: My Stain Glass and Books

Lisbeth's Fruit Basket: My Stain Glass and Books: "Just wanted to share with everyone my new craft. I took a stain glass making class and this is the result. It was fun. Whe..."