Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Low Down on Book Trailers PART 1

Welcome to Part One of my discussion with YA paranormal author Judith Graves.  Her book, Second Skin, the second in her “Under my Skin” trilogy will be released in October of this year.  Check out her book, her blog and her trailer.  I have seen some great book trailers and I think it is a wonderful idea. 

So, how does one go about making one? 

If you’re keen to make a book trailer by yourself, it’s actually quite easy, making it look fantastic is the tough part. You need to invest some time (developing a script, seeking images/audio to match your trailer, working with software), some money would help (either for images/audio/software) and then it comes down to trial and error. Check out this link on my website and it will get you started, Booktrailers to DIE for: http://judithgraves.com/events/author-visits-2/booktrailers-to-die-for/

Did your publisher help you?

Nope. For most authors, even established ones, trailers and other marketing/SWAG (bookmarks, t-shirts, magnets) are created and paid for by the author. Personally, I use the skills mentioned in the Booktrailers to DIE for post to create vlogs (blog entries with video – you can see them on my website), and I hired Madison at M2 Productions to create my trailers. J When it comes to marketing, we’re all in the same rocking boat.

How much promotion does your publisher do?

As Leap Books (www.leapbks.com) is a small press, they don’t have a ton of advertising at the moment, but I’m confident that will grow with the company. Leap has a small marketing department and they handle any enquires about my books/series and work on developing Leap’s distribution within stores.

What is the result on your sales?

Being with a small press equals small sales…lol…simply due to a big splashy lack of presence in stores. But there’s a benefit to this. If my book doesn’t sell in stores, I don’t have a huge amount of returns being sent back to my publisher and perhaps affecting future contracts. A small press is happy with baby steps and developing your following over time. My editor seems quite happy with how UMS is doing in Chapters stores across Canada, and through online sales. That being said, I find the bulk of my sales come from doing author visits and directly selling copies at those events.

Let’s talk a bit about your main character.  When did you give birth to her?  Was your plot developed around her or was she developed around your plot?

Eryn McCain is half human/half shapeshifter with the ability to shift into wolf form. She’s tempted by her wolven side, but her lack of control and bloodlust is a scary thing. Eryn is stuck in small town Redgrave, Alberta and discovers that it is anything but paranorm free – as she was told. Werewolves, vampires, and hunters of her kind roam the streets. Now it’s kill or be killed in the frozen North.

I came up with the plot first – small Northern town becomes the focus of multiple paranormal creatures – the last unclaimed bit of territory. Then I asked what if…what if there was one girl who could stop them? What if she was compelled to protect the human population? From there I developed the story arc over three books.
A descriptive word I have often heard you use for her is “snarky”.  Explain to us what this means to you. 

She’s not a wallflower. She doesn’t wait for others to save her. Her trust issues often gets her into trouble. She’s got sass, but is also vulnerable. She’s sarcastic, but the girl would do anything for her “pack”.

Do you see yourself in her? 

Maybe in her hatred of country music and love of horror films. But Eryn is wayyyyy braver than I. ;)

Do you feel that your trailer truthfully portrays her?

Kind of…lol…not so much physically, because we didn’t find any images of a girl with Eryn’s trademark low-tied ponytails, but the emotions behind the trailers – yes, that’s all Eryn.

I would like to thank Judith for speaking with us.  Her ideas about trailers have really been helpful.  Some day I would like to make one for The Shifters!

Thanks for having me, Halli! With your crazy-amazing skills, I’m sure any trailer you create will be stunning. 
Stay tuned for part 2!


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