Saturday, April 30, 2011

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my 9yr old's shadowdrotolite
I heard a paradoxical deal for women.  We can have only two of these three things:

A clean house



Which of these two do you have?  I let go of number one a long time ago, but occasionally I trade it in for some of my sanity.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Waiting on a Wednesday

Breaking the Spine has a HUGE list of bloogers who are anticipating unreleased books.  Mine is pretty simple.  I just finished Torment, the second in the Fallen Series by Lauren Kate.  So give me the third one quick!  I can't stand cliff hangers!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Huntress give away and ed2go writing advice

Congrats to Lindsey for  winning a copy of Huntress by Malinda Lo.  Great book.  I hope you all get the chance to read it.  I just finnished an "Advanced Fiction Writing" class with ed2go.  It was like attending a conference, but cheaper and longer.  Here is a snipet of a healthy piece of advice:

Sentence Fragments Are Okay
Forget what your high school English teacher told you about them. Right now.
Sentence fragments are great. They add impact. Create rhythm. Build excitement.
Of course, like anything else, they can be overused. Become tedious. Annoying even.
Still, they lend a certain punch, and we can make most writing more interesting with the occasional fragment. So don't hesitate to use them when you want to underscore a point or catch your readers' attention.

First, Kill All the Adverbs
Search your long form for words ending in -ly. Delete them. I'm not kidding:
She walked quickly to the stove and unceremoniously lifted the lid from the boiling pot.
It's laden with adverbs. Instead, write:
She hurried to the stove and snatched the lid from the boiling pot.
The trick to eliminating adverbs is to think about why you're tempted to use one and then find an alternative. The usual reason is to enhance your verb. But it's better to simply select a more vivid verb.
For example, in the passage above, the original verbs were walked and lifted. I added the adverbs quickly and unceremoniously to try to bring life to these listless verbs. But substituting the vivid verbs hurried and snatched solved the problem without all the clutter.
English has a wealth of verbs, with a nearly infinite variety of subtle shadings of meaning. So choose your verbs carefully, and you'll never need an adverb.

Weak Verbs
Make sure your adjectives aren't just covering for weak verbs:
She was discouraged as she walked to work.
Discouraged is a perfectly fine adjective, but it's only there because the verb walked is so vague. How much better to say:
She trudged to work.

my father's book collection which I hope to inherit
It you are interested, find the ed2go button on the right hand collumn and check out what they have to offer.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Invincible Summer by Hannah Moskowitz

Hannah Moskowitz is my hero.  She published her first book at nineteen, she can write a novel in a month (thanks to NaNoWriMo), she gives amazing writing advice on her blog, she personally responds to my e-mails, and she told me I rock.  What more can I ask for in a hero?  Oh yah, and she’s gorgeous.
So.  Her new book:  Two brothers turn their summer vacations at the beach house into a twisted version of Camus philosophy. The male protagonist carries the weight of his loss of innocence and it is too heavy for him.  He is week, vulnerable, and very dependent on some very unreliable family members.
 I don’t want o explain the book, you’ll just have to read it.
I’ll say this: It is similar to Hannah’s first novel “Break”, and that isn’t a bad thing.  Her writing style is character driven, internal, raw and realistic.  She creates worlds that I helplessly sink into with no escape.  In fact, I am left speechless.
I took a lot away from this book: everyone has faults, everyone should love their family no matter what faults they have, and everyone should try their hardest to help, because not helping is the worst fault of all.
I don’t know what else to say.
Check out an interview with Hannah here.

Monday, April 18, 2011

I regret the loss of profitable angst.

Teenage chemistry lends itself to morbidity.  They can't help it.  Hormone anti-therapy I like to call it.  They have intense, uncontrollable, irrational emotions from an imbalance akin to demon possession.  In order to tackle this bombardment of hate, anger, confusion and sex drive a release of some form is necessary.  Poetry was my favourite.  I didn't realize I was a writer when I was wallowing in misery.  When it was time to make a career choice I thought writing was just a coping mechanism.  I WISH I would have looked at my hundreds of poems and realized they weren’t just part of a depressing phase like my parents thought.  They were actually my life.  I would have started seriously writing way sooner.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

Poetry Post

On behalf of National Poetry Month I give you my latest poem:

Ye old Treasure map

A love story and good intention
Resides in every treasure.
Do not find me
I am old
I am tired
I am buried treasure
Deep in the sands

Of a pirate’s trove yo ho

To mirror her majesty’s wealth and
Stay concealed long after she’s bought the farm
I am dry, feather dust
Sprouting no new seed
Mother earth’s skin in always

Check out my Poetry Page to see where I'm published and I even have an interview at
If spring ever reaches me I plan on spending a lot of time in my garden.  I've been growing tomatos and flowers indoors.  What are your spring resolutions?

P.S. I took these pictures with my new awesome camera on my mother's carpet.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Follow Friday for some social networking.  Enjoy your weekend everybody. A sign of spring would be nice, but here in Alberta I have snow snow and snow outside and flowers inside.  If nature won't accomodate me, then I defy nature.  Remember Writers and Illustrators Retreat is comming up.  I would love to see a few more application requests in the mail: hlilburn AT telus DOT net.  Also, remember "Huntress" Give away ends April 26th.  Don't miss out!