Monday, May 9, 2011

A Little Motivation

Happy Monday Sisters, I had an awesome weekend. No kids, No husband, I went to
a motivational conference for women with my girl friends. I had a sleep over -
how cool is that? I want to share a message for you: The first woman to swim
the English Channel (I can't remember her name) was doing a 26 mile swim through
thick fog. She swam as hard as she could, but soon she had to give up and call
in her support team. She couldn't see anything through the fog and because she
couldn't see how close she was, she stopped. She had gone 25.5 miles. If only
she could see how close she was, she wouldn't have given up. If the dreams you
wanted so badly are not happening, you have 2 choices:
- you can change your dreams to meet your lowered expectations. That way you won't be disappointed.
(I've done that with my children)
- OR you can realize you are worth more in the sight of God and His plan is NOT
for you to settle for second best. So starting today, I have a goal for my
writing. I am GOING to get published. I will do everything I can to make it
happen, including rewriting 100 times until I get it right. I am ALLOWED to be an
exceptional person.
The thing I hate the most is seeing my friends give up on their dreams. You are all my friends. The virtual world of friends is important in my life. Communicating through space is hard, but
fascinating. I hope you all have a divine being who pulls you through the fog.
You are 25.5 miles to the shore, you just can't see it! Don't give up! People, family,
Divine Beings are cheering for you. And so AM I.

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Deborah said...

Bless you for the lighthouse you are! Okay, I'll take a deep breath and just keep swimming, swimming, swimming... (can I mix disney with inspirational women's conferences?!)