Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why Don't I Like E-Books?

Reviewing books is a pretty fun past-time.  I've signed up for advanced reader copies through places like and because getting free books is great for me as an author and great for my job as a librarian. However, I've noticed a blatant trend in my reading habits.  If I get a hard cover or paperback I display it on my night stand, ogle over the cover image, and carry it around the house like a baby singing lullabies to it (seriously).  If I get an electronic version of any book, I download it into my outgoing critiques folder and promptly forget about it.  Occasionally I will skim through the e-book titles, get bored with the first page, and check my e-mail instead.  Seriously, the e-book could be the next Harry Potter, but if I have to sit in front of a screen I won't want to read it.  So my apologies to the people who are expecting reviews from me for e-books, but I can't get into them.  I will, eventually, drag myself to the computer and finish them because I promised I would, but it is so much EASIER to curl up with a REAL book and hug it until 4 in the morning and get it finished.
All the hype about e-books being the "wave of the future" might work for some people but not for me.  I'm not opposed to technology, but I've seen the evidence against it staring me in the face.  If e-books do take over the world someday I'll be the little old granny who still uses cursive and a rotary phone and says, "I'll never understand this electronic gadgetry. Back in my day we used to write with pens on paper that came from trees...." and my grandkids will say, "There goes Gran.  Off on another tangent." But I won't be alone will I?  Are there others out there like me?

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Dagga said...

I will always love books, paperbacks, hardcovers, the smell the fell the pretty covers just everything. I will never stop loving them or buying them. Still, I love love love my Amazon Kindle. I've read so much more since I got it in Febuary 41 books! Which is much more than I have been reading the last few years in the same amount of time. I read fanfiction and blogs on the computer but I hate reading full length novels on a computer screen.
E-books are not the future unless you read them on a proper e-reader. I think they will never completely replace the hard copy book though.