Monday, July 11, 2011

Poetry Giveaway

So I have an extra copy of Poetry Quarterly's Spring issue and I would love to give it to someone worthy of the title "Poet".  Send me a short poem or exerpt from a larger piece of work and I will send each person who enters a FREE critique.  Yes, that is what I said.  Your poem can be any style, but please refrain from vulgarities, that won't win you any points with me.  When I say short, just keep it reasonable. I also can be critical of forced rhymns.  Feel free to comment on other poeple's poems, it might even influence my decision. Then I will choose my favourite, I mean the best compostition, and award the winner a copy of Poetry Quarterly's Spring Issue.  If you want you can get your own copy here. I am SO excited to read your work!  Bring it on down!


April Demes said...

Even in my dreams
Where life is new and strange
My children are carried with me
like dew drop crystals in my hair
prickling in the cells beneath my skin
Even absent they are present
always have been
I just didn't know them yet
so I was unaware
I'll always be expecting them nearby
even in my dreams they
are just over my shoulder somewhere
And that is what prickles now
Someone's missing
waiting to begin
a life with me as mother
us all as family
I can almost see
his face but it's
hiding shining in my hair
just beyond where I can see

April Demes

Antje said...

Now I know
How the stars glow
And how the earth is laughing bright
When in the summer's night
The clouds disappear
You are here.

What can happen to me yet?
I do not even fear
The final hour and the pain
To never see you again.
You will forever stay here.

I know exactly I will feel the pain
Then I feel your eyes
Resting on me
And as so often do the surprise
My heart seduced to a cheer
You are here.

phyllis sweetwater said...

great work girls!