Monday, September 19, 2011

Reviews and News

I am excited to let y'all know that I am now revising my manuscript of "Shifters" for publication.  I didn't think it was real until now.  I am amazed how my editor knows how to fix up my words and breathe life into my story.  It will be so great when it is ready.  Not sure on a release date yet.  More news on that as it comes. I know it will be released as an e-book first, and paperback a few months after that.  For more info on the book check out my Shifters page.

I did read a great book on the weekend, here is my skinny review:

Raised by three strange sisters, Albia has never known the secrets of her parentage. But when Macbeth seeks out the weird sisters to foretell his fate, his life is entangled with his unknown daughter's. When Albia foresees the terrible future, she becomes determined to save Macbeth's rival--and the man she loves--from her murderous father. Klein's seamlessly drawn tale makes it seem impossible that Albia was not part of Shakespeare's original play.
Pretty Dang Good. The author must be a granddaughter of Shakespeare. Her research of ancient Scotland is thorough, elements of drama are high and characters well portrayed. I was engulfed in the historical setting. I love Shakespeare, and I feel Klein did "The Scottish Play" justice.  I give it 4 stars.

ALSO:  Watch for Banned Books Week coming up!  I will be giving away a challenged book by Little Brown.  Heck, I'll even ship it to the US if I need to!
My thoughts on banned books: If the content of a book offends me, then I have no problem closing and returning said book.  I wish books had a rating system, to warn me.  It's like any other source of media in life.  I think the chicks on "so you think you can dance" are too naked, so I don't watch it.  Parents should screen the media that their children face.  I agree with stipulations like these.  BUT the minute you tell someone they CAN'T read something, the rebellion in us all will flare up.  Then prohibitions set in and we become smugglers, liars and cheaters.  I would rather hold firm to my own values, than force someone else to live by them.  Books are knowledge, howbeit I got all the knowledge I wanted to from "Crank" within the first two pages, but I won't stop you from ordering it at my library.


Heather said...

I'm so excited that your book will be coming out soon! I can't wait to read it. Did I mention I'm going into cover design? We should talk...

I'm both excited and sad about banned books week as I just found out a book store that is semi-local to me won't be carrying my book because of an 'intense' scene in it. :( I never thought it would happen to me.

phyllis sweetwater said...

Wow Heather,
So do you consider your book banning material? What was the dispute over? Canada doesn't really ban books, but stores can still refuse to accept them. At the library where I work there are some steamy books, but everyone has a right to them under the freedom of information act.