Monday, November 28, 2011

Some bad/real news

So I've been made aware that blogging is hard on people's self esteem.  We read about all of the wonderful things our friends are doing, places they're going, book they're getting published and so on and so forth.  It makes us as the readers a tad jealous and we start to question our own abilities.  Why can't I take my family to Disneyland?  Why can't I make homemade wontons or perogies?  Why can't I get my book published?  For me it's why can't I have any more children?  I learn about my friends and family getting pregnant in what seems like no time at all, but Jay and I have gone through five years of miscarriages, adoption failures, fertility drugs and artificial insemination to no avail. Our last attempt at having more kids cost us over a thousand dollars, over 10 two hour trips to the specialist, some nasty discomfort and it failed.  We can't afford to do it again.  So I'm giving up on government intervention and medical procedures.  If Heavenly Father wants me to have another child, He will have to perform a miracle.  Maybe He will.
I wasn't going to post any of that because nobody likes to read bad news.  Or maybe, it would be comforting to see the down side of my life as well as the upside.  Maybe I've been misleading you all into thinking I had one of those awesome lives where nothing ever went wrong.  Now, you know that's not true.  I'm not telling you this to make you feel sorry for me (I don't feel sorry for myself, I have three great kids already).  I'm telling you so that you can see we all have inadequacies and nobody has a perfect life.  We try to hide our problems and put on a happy face because we are ashamed of our imperfections, but how can you have real friends if you never reveal you true self? So here it is, I don't know why I was hiding it, maybe because I didn't want to be a complainer, but since I'm at it, being a writer is hard, being a mother is hard, being a wife is hard.

There.  I'm glad I got that off my chest.

Monday, November 21, 2011

More Good News

I have been invited to write a series of articles for starting in January.  The series is entitled "The Alternate Parent" and it dives into issues facing teens and the role models that influence them. I'm really excited about doing some non-fiction and hopefully sharing my two cents of important advice for teens, their parents, and those who influence them.  I usually write YA fiction and in this series I hope to explain why I do it, what effect it can have and how it can be not only a source of entertainment and escape, but also a motivational tool to help my readers discover their own identity.
The cool thing about Big World Network is the way they present their media in audio format.  Each episode will be read aloud by yours truly and can be downloaded to itunes FOR FREE, or listen on the website.  The series will then be put into e-book format for Kindle which is also FREE.  So I invite you to come take a look.  I am also included in the New Author Hop HERE