Monday, November 21, 2011

More Good News

I have been invited to write a series of articles for starting in January.  The series is entitled "The Alternate Parent" and it dives into issues facing teens and the role models that influence them. I'm really excited about doing some non-fiction and hopefully sharing my two cents of important advice for teens, their parents, and those who influence them.  I usually write YA fiction and in this series I hope to explain why I do it, what effect it can have and how it can be not only a source of entertainment and escape, but also a motivational tool to help my readers discover their own identity.
The cool thing about Big World Network is the way they present their media in audio format.  Each episode will be read aloud by yours truly and can be downloaded to itunes FOR FREE, or listen on the website.  The series will then be put into e-book format for Kindle which is also FREE.  So I invite you to come take a look.  I am also included in the New Author Hop HERE


Marilyn Yarbrough said...

What a fantastic opportunity to write for them. And to have your voice on the the audio books-Cool!

Louise said...

Dropping by from the hop. Nice to meet you! Best to you with your books :)

Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) said...

Stopping by on the hop train. Congrats on your opportunity to do some Non-ficiton article writing!!!