Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmasy Blog Hop

I joined this great blog hop.  Unfortunately I have no idea what I'm going to write yet so stay tuned...

OK I got it.

The Christmas Cactus

Up on the dresser, shaded, dormant, sits the Christmas Cactus.  All year it sits.  Accuse her of neglect if you must, the owner doesn't water it.  She was told not to.  Not until November, but she forgets.  Miraculously, it doesn't die. December comes and she remembers, apologizes repeatedly to the plant, washing it, drowning it singing to it, moving it into the sun.  You know what happens next, it blooms a twirling, magenta flower, just in time for Christmas.
We are all guilty of neglecting things.  Things we care for, things we love.  And when December comes we rush out and try to compensate for an entire year without water.  We dump out buckets of it;  baking, decorating, gifts, food, hoping to see our loved ones "bloom", and luckily, they always do.  Just in time.  Just in time for what?  Another year on the dresser? 
She wonders why it stays the same size and never grows.

The end.
  Wow, that turned out more gloomy than I thought it would.  And a bit preachy.  But hey, I only have ten minutes to spare.  I gotta go make supper!  Have a great holiday everyone!