Monday, December 5, 2011

Why I didn't win NaNoWriMo

If you look on my right hand side bar you'll see my stats for NaNoWriMo and I didn't finish.  We actually I did, but my novel turned out to be a novella instead.  I got my plot outline, suffered through the trails, got an adrenaline rush at the climax, got the girl..,. but then... Well, then the book was over.  At 39K. No matter how hard I tried I could not add more.  I might be able to go back later, but nothing would come to me in the moment.  The book told me to stop.  My protagonist said, "This is it.  I'm done."  and walked off the page.  What could I do?  I had to listen to him and winning NaNo would ruin the book.
The point of NaNo is to force yours creative juices to flow.  To get a novel completed.  NaNo dictates the word count, but my heart dictates when to stop.  So I won, just in my own way.  Besides, I'm not so good at being told what to do. 
In other news, My publisher is having a Christmas sale.  My book isn't out yet, but you can take a look at the others here.

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