Thursday, January 12, 2012

Favorite Book of 2011: All Good Children by Catherine Austen

New Middleton’s children are becoming frightfully obedient and their parents and teachers couldn’t be happier.  Something is wrong.  Max, our delinquent yet loveable rebel cannot allow himself to become another zombie and he’ll do anything to prevent it.
All teens have got issues, but within their brains amazing things happen.  Mood swings and rebellion are accompanied with creativity and innovation.  This book describes the thoughts and feelings of a 15 year old boy in a very real way.  With no father figure, he branches out to fill the void and prove he is a man.  Austen shows great power in her research of teenage psychology.

It goes along perfectly and proves many points in my Alternate Parent series I am currently on with  Every article I write is answered with great examples in Austen’s book.  From brain development to hormonal fluctuations, this is book is full of solid themes and great characters.
Another amazing factor is the integration of racial backgrounds.  There are very few minority main characters in the YA genre and there need to be more.  Yay to breaking free of objectified white women. 
It also furthers my belief that kids should not be forced to take behaviour modifying drugs.  Moulding children is one thing, but forcing them to become something they are not is selfish and unmoral.  I love Austen’s take on this.  She speculates what would happen if children suddenly became emotional robots and it isn’t pretty.  There is a bit of anti-American propaganda, but I’m ok with it.
I have a son who has behavioural issues, but I wouldn’t change him for anything.  He is arrogant, stubborn and vengeful, but he is also smart, artistic, logical and sensitive.  I love him.  I definitely saw apart of myself in Max’s mother.
Congrats to Austen on a book well done!


Lindsey Carmichael said...

Glad you loved the book, too!

Ishta Mercurio said...

Hear, hear! Ditto on the book love. :-)