Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bar Code Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn

Just read this book written in 2004, but full of relevant speculations on a dystopian society that has an eerie similarity to our own.  There were more than a few similarities between this book and mine (Shifters).  The idea that people can be judged by their DNA and rejected by society if deemed unfit is a scary thought.  We have enough problems in this world with discrimination against outward appearances like gender, skin color or status and these traits have already been scientifically proven to make no difference to our authenticity of being human.  How would we fair if we were also judged by our health?  Would you give me a job if you knew I had high blood pressure?  Would you deny me a mortgage if you knew I had depression?  The scary answer to that is yes, it would cloud our judgements.  I could rack up quite a medical bill and any employer would want to avoid that. These “inward” judgements still don’t prove one person better than another. 
Weyn has a second book on the bar code tattoo that I look forward to reading.

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