Sunday, April 15, 2012

Interview with Monica Leonelle

To add to the Social Punk Blog Tour I was able to ask Monica a few questions about her new book.  See my previous post for further info:
What was your inspiration?  Why did you write it?

I was inspired by the city of Chicago, by social media issues in our current world, and by the cyberpunk genre. The book is a bit like the Terminator series and I reference that a couple times just for fun. James Cameron is basically my favorite director ever, and he really inspires me with his world-building and storytelling skills.

What message does it give the reader?

Haha, my books don't have messages. The book is about Ima's growth at its heart. There are some messages about current trends in technology and digital media, but I like to leave things open so people can decide for themselves.

What are your favorite promotional tools?

Blog tours, I guess :). Also, word-of-mouth—I specialize in marketing and offer free email consultations to help writers inject marketing directly into their manuscripts. So I really care most about writing a great book that has a lot of word-of-mouth potential.
Monica is being very liberal with sharing her book and with prizes for those who join the tour.  If interested go to her web page.She's also a promoter and marketer.  See if she can help promote your book at
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