Monday, June 11, 2012

Hard to tell what this is?  It's Darth Vader using the force against the New Jersey devils in last night's playoff game.  The dark side did not prevail, however and crunch time is upon us.  Seriously, I stop watching the playoffs once all the Canadian teams have been eliminated.  It seems hypocritical to cheer for a team in a sport with ice, when the city itself never sees ice all year.  Sorry, L.A. The best thing about this pic/video is the way it combines the passions of both of my brothers.  One is a hockey maniac, the other is a sci-fi nerd.  Who would have thought they could both be represented in the same photo.  So bros, this one's for you.
The Bone CageSo I just got back from the Writer's Guild of Alberta. conference and I really enjoyed myself.  The Hotel Arts is an amazing place (the tiles in the bathroom were so cool!) and the food was exquisite.  From my observations I noted that all the writers there were friendly, artsy and completely lacking is any name brand clothing or sports regalia.  I wonder if any of them would admit to following the playoffs.  I did get to meet Angie Abdou who critiqued some of my work and gave me a signed copy of THE BONE CAGE.  Then I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman again.

Hope all of you had as cool as weekend as me!

P.S. 4 days left until my blog tour giveaway is drawn, don't miss out!

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