Monday, June 4, 2012

no licking computer screen
I've got an unhealthy connection with movies sometimes.  Don't judge me.  I need an escape from reality and it is mere coincidence that Kristen Stewart plays the character I wish I was.  My state of shock over this movie still hasn't worn off.  Chris Hemsworth? The broken, isolated angry warrior that is transformed into a hero with the simple inspiration of your presence.  Wow. His strength lies in his arm, while his will is weak and she, with the will of a Bengal tiger, depends on his physical strength with all reluctance and humility afforded an imprisoned princess.  Yes, the fairytale story is rehashed, but if it never changed, my daughters might stay convinced to wait for a perfect prince to rescue them.  Betrayal, distrust, and grief are unknown concepts to them and I weep for the day when they are forced to deal with them, especially if the source is that handsome prince they thought was perfect.  Freaking hot, yes and amen, but is that enough?

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Heather said...

Movies are a fantastic escape. I love them almost as much as I love books. And this picture, oh yeah, I'll be seeing this one for sure! He does make a great huntsman doesn't he?