Monday, August 6, 2012

A rant, a free book

So I noticed that my blog view records spikes way up on Mondays.  That tells me people love to blog browse on Monday, probably because they're expecting a new post. I should always have a new post up on Monday in order to keep my followers entertained and interested in returning.  Unfortunately, I'm not the greatest at coming up with new material on a time limit.  Soooo, this is all I got.

I'm trying not to watch the Olympics until the wee hours of the morning, but those chick volley ball players are sooo tall and they can jump sooo high that I covet their every move (not that I want to be 6 foot 5, but a couple more inches wouldn't hurt).  And the cute ones are black, I wouldn't mind that either.  Actually it would be cool if I could change my skin color back and forth, think of all the money I'd save on suntanning... (actually I don't pay for suntanning) I wonder what the indoor volley ball players think of the beach volley ball players "uniforms" or should I say bikinis.  I just don't see many athletic chicks being so immodest (not even the divers)  Are they looked down upon because of their unnecessary and degrading objectifying of themselves. 

It reminds me of Coach Tyler, one of my characters in SHIFTERS.  Was he an awesome trainer (and hottie) or did he have a darker side?  Were his intentions strictly pro?  Lina finds out when he tells her "It's my job to judge you". Creepy.  TODAY you can find SHIFTERS ebook free on Amazon. 

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