Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the evolution of creating characters

So I keep getting reminded of a regret of mine named Jim Henson (the company).  I took costume design in college with the idea that when I graduated I would work for Jim Henson's creature shop.  That was the place where designers were given creative license to invent their own characters. Alas, it was not meant to be, as the creature shop closed down before I got the chance.  Instead, I worked at International Mascot Corporation.  It was still fun, slightly reminiscent of a sweat shop, but I made my mark, designing a few choice characters.

Well, I was never happy following someone else's designs, so I eventually quit and changed my focus  - I became a librarian.  The greatest thing about working with books, is no one can dictate how I imagine the worlds within the pages.  Plus, in my spare time, I can still create some funky characters.  Here are two pics of my elements fairies I hope to someday see published in Art Doll Quarterly.  Now I have the brilliant idea of combining my costuming skills with my novels and I am going to make the characters in my books.  It will be a fun new project that I will sit on until the garden is harvested. (I do have proirities kind of).
So who should I make first?  My steam punk chick pirate, my tri-racial exorcist, my humanoid alien with a simbiotic plant growing up his back or my reality shifting red head warrior?

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