Tuesday, March 26, 2013

radio interview

I've got a radio interview today with Barry Eva on a book and a chat.  Stop by with some phone in questions.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some cool words to live by.

Check out my profile on the Indie Elite website, as well as the occasional post.

Now I want to post a couple of photos from our trip to Florida.
 The Banyan Tree
 Canoeing in the Keys
Star Wars diorama at Lego Land

Monday, March 11, 2013

Crap and computers

Technology is like a nice piece of cheesecake.  It makes you happy, but you get fat.  It tastes awesome, but don't forget there are other things to eat.  And sometimes it's down right moldy.  If you're not careful, you could find yourself eating nothing but crap.
Neo-Retro Handsets And Stations by SwissvoiceFirst example - phones.  Love them.  You can get a hold of anyone at any time, anywhere.  You can carry a dictionary, gps, music, games and everything in the palm of your hand.  No wonder people go crazy without their phones.  Our wholes lives are riding on the performance and entertainment of one tiny lithium battery. 
Next up - wifi.  Love it.  No more movie rentals, off-line shopping, newspaper, banks or maps.  Until the day comes along that the puter breaks and you have nothing to watch, nowhere to go, and no money.
Virtual space - Woopie, I can upload/ down load data from one e-device to another and I never have to visit anybody or leave my house ever again.  We can have our cheesecake and eat it too.  the world rocks when you're fat and alone.
Technology. We are so heavily dependent on the most unreliable thing this world has to offer.  This of course leads to continual and perpetual let down.  Do you remember a time when we purchased ONE phone and it lasted our entire lives?  Do you remember a day when  every student in class or business person in a meeting showed up with ONLY a pen and paper?  Do you remember when kids played outside?

Friday, March 1, 2013

Things I hate

To the toilet paper company - Why do you make single ply?  Do you think it will save squares?  because it doesn't, we just use three times as many.  Or maybe you made it for those of us who like the feeling of paper towel on our crotches.
To the airports - I understand flight delays.  I understand having to dump out my water bottle.  These inconveniences are apart of traveling in a security driven, weather driven world.  But making me pay $4.00 for a trolley is just mean.  I don't have four dollars, so we carry our luggage for a five member family a distance equal to three kilometers because, like shopping carts at the grocery store, you are worried we won't return the cart.  Where exactly would we take it?  On the plane with us?
To web ads -  Why do you have to invade my blog?  I did not invite you.  Every time I write words like bargain or store my readers have to deal with links that look like I put them there and I didn't.  I feel like I'm lying or cheating or tricking them into seeing commercials or side bars of gross belly fat and it RUINS my pages.  If anyone knows how to get rid of these, please tell me!
Bullies -  See video to your right.