Monday, April 29, 2013

Second Winter

I didn't think I'd get the chance to post this poem, but mother nature is grateful enough to accommodate me.  Thanks, I think.

Second Winter
Amazing how the bright snow falls earthward
Flat, crystal propellers spinning like a DaVinci creation 
Helicopters made of feathers
Down in the lone batch of dead grass
A snow flicker tromps
War paint red on her cheek
Black Eye of Ra on her breast
Winking with every bob of her head
Her careful nest past coyote tracks
A messy arrangement
Mud is scarce.
April’s chiffon ballerina dance
Applauds with encores for second winter

P.S. I got my profile page up at Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spoken Word

In my book I refer to a band called the Consonant C.  This band really does exist and their music is great, although I don't know much else about them.  Their name has inspired me to write this little riff.

Nicoletta Ceccoli

I've got these plans
Oh so many plans to create stuff
to make stuff
do something somewhere for someone
It ignites me
excites me
fuels me, propels me to get up and work and I want to, I do
but I'm tired
and Time escapes me
Drained of my energy
I strain to even lift a finger

Like the Consonant C, I am useless
The world turns without my contribution
I'm not lazy, just depressed
I suppress my sorrow
better luck tomorrow
Like the Consonant C I am replaceable
Incapable of being important.

My plans may be feeble
but I'm still here and able
To write my rhymes
make music sublime
You had your chance to expel me
From your dictionary
But haven't you heard?
I'm in all these words
Like compassion and action, crusade and creation
This is what I am so if you want to talk openly
All you have to do is read me.