Monday, September 9, 2013

Ballad of the Sea Lion Woman

I am proud to announce the release of my first poetry chapbook!  Ballad of the Sea Lion Woman is available on kindle on amazon or soon it will be in print at  II will be doing a book signing at Words in the Park at the Sherwood Park Library on October 19th, Authors for Altruism on Dec 7th.
Read my interview on Smashwords I need someone to write a review there.  Any takers?

I also have a few exciting teaching gigs this fall.  Check out the Art & Sewing section of the Newell Further Education website I'm doing quilted wall hanging and, of course, art journaling!

So I'll give you a taste of the chapbook:
the quilted wall hanging pattern

Up draft
The stress of the cross wind
Might be too much for the minimal flex of the poles.
I never should have trusted that mad man’s inventions
Not with so much at stake
I lost my top hat several knots back
To a sea bird who mistook me
For a fighting sail
I mistook him for a fool
Who is the old man anyway?
Hunchback or not
I’ve become the unlucky lab rat
Who gets mentioned in all of the scientific journals
As “attempt number one”.

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L E Carmichael said...

Congrats, Halli!