Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Why When Words Collide was the best conference ever.

When Words Collide in Review.

Fifty bux and a hotel room got me into the best conference since SCBWI Canada West in 2011.  I taught an art journaling class that went so well, my students didn't want it to end.  I love art journaling!  I had my art journals for sale at the author's table and sold ALL of them.  I did a poetry reading from my new steam punk chap book "Ballad of the Sea Lion Woman".  And some excellent poets were in attendance. ie Bob Stallworthy and Joanne Morcom.
Went to the coolest steampunk party ever. Also learn a couple of terms that are nifty:
Zitgeist (sp?) = a german word that describes the stirring emotions we feel when a witnessing history in the making - usually associated with a catastrophie
Twistorian = a story teller who changes historical fact into speculation.
More notes to follow!

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