Thursday, January 23, 2014


What do you do when your child is reluctant to work?
She's not reluctant to learn.  She loves learning, but that's really hard to prove when she won't write anything down.  She likes writing until she has to do an assignment.  She's good at math until she has to answer questions.  She loves doing science experiments as long as she doesn't have to explain it in writing.  She is an auditory learner.  Give her a video camera and she's awesome.  Give her paper and a pen and she cringes like it's mouldy bread.
The good thing is I can cater to her needs and bend the rules to help her out.  Home schooling allows me to shape the curriculum to whatever works for her. But should I? When she wants to make a power point presentation should I force her to write an essay?  Even if it brings her marks down?  Do I leave her to her own devices to develop self-initiative or do I sit by her and help her stay on task?  These are the questions of a home-school parent that plague me every day. (sigh)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

digital scrapbooking

So I thought I'd try out digital scrapbooking, but it wasn't as easy as I thought.  Maybe my compatibility with photo shop program isn't as strong as I thought.  Maybe my computer likes to take naps on the job.  There are some cool embellishments, but maybe they release viruses every time I open them. I'm even having trouble inserting one into this post cause my puter is wiked. My conclusion is that despite the cool idea, my need for tactile exploration overrides any electronic fandangled gadgets.  I want glue on my fingers people!  I want my depth perception in full employment.  But you can't see that from here.  All you have is a flat uninteractive screen so how can I show you the difference?