Saturday, January 4, 2014

digital scrapbooking

So I thought I'd try out digital scrapbooking, but it wasn't as easy as I thought.  Maybe my compatibility with photo shop program isn't as strong as I thought.  Maybe my computer likes to take naps on the job.  There are some cool embellishments, but maybe they release viruses every time I open them. I'm even having trouble inserting one into this post cause my puter is wiked. My conclusion is that despite the cool idea, my need for tactile exploration overrides any electronic fandangled gadgets.  I want glue on my fingers people!  I want my depth perception in full employment.  But you can't see that from here.  All you have is a flat uninteractive screen so how can I show you the difference? 


Studio Scrapping with Amy Ulen said...

I actually do both. I like the base of my page to be really is the fastest way to get photos developed. Then I add embellishments on top to get that tactile fix. You also might want to start with an easier program than Photoshop. I use Studio J (with a little Photoshop thrown in because I'm nerdy like that). Check out my portfolio at . Now I'm going to go check out your novels! I teach 9th grade and love adding YA books to my classroom library.

Halli Lilburn said...

Thanks for your comment, I can always use some help. I hope your 9th grade class enjoys my books. SHIFTERS is the first of a trilogy. I would love some class feedback!