Thursday, May 15, 2014

Best Review Ever!

My day was made today when I checked out Subterranean Blue Poetry where Rebecca Banks reviewed my first poetry chapbook.  Here's a taste of what she said:

"As if breathing in the violence of the New World, dark themes weave through the 15 poems, with titles of Take Heed, Lonely Automaton, Astigmatism, Ballad of the Sea Lion Woman, Ticki ticki tembo no sarembo …, Recycled with Love, Lineascope, The Grimm Fable, Clockwork, Gatsby and more. Images of death, the vagaries of love, a tortured mystic woman, a time machine, the laboratory, ocean voyages, the earth, the huntsman and the princess, and time all fall into new realms of now, and sometimes dark humor. 
"Borrowing from old world forms, the poetry is narrative poetic prose and reads not unlike dark fairytales with inconclusive, surprise or dark endings. The work is well written, it flows in occasional rhyme and with rhythm, exciting new word synergies that play against the quiet of the night. Pagan images of the past recreate themselves within the New Age influences of steampunk and the legacies of Generation X and Y, those born after the ‘60’s children with all the issues of New World angst.
"Also, there is a certain Zen aesthetic, almost Asian mystique within the horror and bonespeak". 
OK This is amazing.  Rebecca read into my words and found messages that I didn't know I'd put in there.  It's like she can read my personality without having met me.  I've always wanted someone to understand me like that.  I gave my mom countless poems growing up that I wished she could "read between the lines" but, and no offense Mom, but you didn't quite get it.  And now, after all these years.  Some one actually sees the real me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
P.S. check out her work here.