Thursday, June 19, 2014

The writing Bug

I had this dream.  Many of my dreams turn into stories that I have to write down.  I read this amazing study about how cursive writing leads to a more creative writing process so I decided to hand write this whole story.  It had been amazing!  I don't get stuck as often, I don't have to wait for a puter to boot up and my hand hurts.  BUT the excitement of creating something new is ever in my mind and I seem to always want to write.  Maybe the cursive experiment really works and my brain's working better.  OR maybe the story is really cool and I've hit on something grand.  OR it's the feeling of smooth crisp paper.  I'm charged up and willing to get finger cramps so I can continue to touch my hands to real paper.  I think I'm old fashioned, but next I want to try quill and ink.  Why not?  The very atmosphere lends itself to steampunk tales of pirates and distopian myths about the end of the human race.
I also have been watching piles and piles of Dr. Who.
It could be that.


elisabeth said...

I just watched a movie which really wasn't that good accomplished author was giving a struggling author some advice. He told him to ditch his laptop and gave him an old fashioned typewriter. He told him that he needed to think harder about every paragraph he wrote before writing it to make sure it was worthy (and to not waste paper I guess). Kind of the opposite of just letting it flow freely through cursive writing, but interesting nonetheless...

Halli Lilburn said...

Every writer has a different method. There isn't a right or wrong way to do things. Taking advice from authors is hard because only you know what will work for you.