Thursday, July 10, 2014

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How Linking Websites and Social Media Accounts can Boost Your Writing Career
The Boom of Social Media
            Social media has become the number one way to get up-to-date news stories, announcements, and keep up with your friends. But how can you make the recent explosion in social media work for your writing career? A lot of writers see Twitter and Facebook as an annoyance or a waste of time. However, writers should jump at the opportunity to connect their website with a Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr account because these can lead to exposure, updates, and vital connections.
Use it to Your Advantage
            Social media may make you cringe, but it can help people connect with you and help your writing career. You want to show different facets of yourself as a writer and a website alone isn’t quite the way the writing world is going nowadays. People want updates on your new book, your talk, or maybe your next television appearance. Social media has made careers. You don’t have to become a social media junkie; just make sure that if you do have any of those accounts, they’re linked to your website to allow for better exposure.
            Since social media also doesn’t quite encourage proofreading, as a writer you should make it your job to make sure your accounts are error-free. How embarrassing would it be if the right agent comes along and sees you’ve misspelled a post or the name of a great writer because of auto-correct on your phone? A site like Grammarly is available on any tablet, phone, or computer for online proofreading. It’s quick, so running a post or tweet through it takes no time at all and saves you from the horrors of lack of spell check.
Use social media to your professional advantage. Many top ranked businesses have entire departments completely devoted to social media. Even if you hardly ever visit your social media outlets, it’s never a bad idea to give employers, agents, or publishers more opportunities to contact you. Make it easy for them to find you and want to meet with you. Having a clean website coupled with professional, error-free social media accounts will not only boost the traffic of your website, but allow those you want to connect with to contact you.



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