Monday, January 12, 2015

Skin of My Teeth Blog Tour

My good friend and author Judith Graves has released the third book in a whirl wind trilogy of paranormal activity Skinned:
My favorite part is the two guys vying for Eryn’s heart.  They are going to have to up their game. Enter hot, wolven guy stage left. Is he the one Alec’s blood magic foretold? He is, if Eryn’s knocking pulse has anything to say about it. The tale-tell sound is driving Wade mad. But it’s Eryn’s move, and everyone is holding their breath.
Of course the demonic role playing game that's killing kids has an obvious impact on Eryn's life and school.
I was lucky to catch a glimpse of the third book and this is what I think:

Knowing that Death is never child’s play, Eryn embarks on a mission to solve the so-called suicide of an avid gamer and classmate.  What she finds in an unsanctioned pack of cards could cost the lives of every citizen in Redgrave not to mention losing her own soul. 

Judith delivers again with a solid style, snappy comebacks and mysterious intrigue. Eryn is an instantly loveable character and a fresh, new hero of our generation.  The interactive elements will suck you in, riding along with a clan of paranorms as they confront wolven, witches, demons and reapers. This is movie making material folks.

AND: There is an interactive element.  You can win extra scenes from the book in other character's point of view when you play along with the deadly game.  Check out Judith's blog for details.

When you stop by, you'll notice I've got a little Author Feature on her page too.  That's because we love each other.
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