Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Book Review: Revenge of the Sea

Revenge of the Sea by Jesse Giles ChristiansenBesides being a very amiable person, Jesse Giles Christiansen has a way with words. His writing style reminds me of something classic like Ernest Hemingway with some modern steamy elements like Anne Rice. His main character, Ethan, deals with a dark past that haunts him, a ruined marriage that he is obsessed with and to a group of scandalous relationships forced together to save the planet from a catastrophic virus. He doesn’t have any skills to combat the virus and so acts like an outside observer, with the exception of specific knowledge he gained in previous encounters with the dangerous ocean in Pelican Bay. His voice sounds so personal I almost believe this is an autobiography.I’ll admit I find his sexual objectification of women a bit too much for me but that seems to be a typical element of the noir/ adventure genre. The characters are a bit exaggerated but well defined; the setting is clear and the premise intriguing. Previous Pelican Bay adventures are attached but not dependent to Revenge of the Sea.  View all my reviews here.

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