Luna Creations

The Artwork: I love splashing found objects onto a canvas.  If you have a collection you want displayed in a fun, whimsical way, commission me. I also can clean up your old paintings. And I paint minis for gaming!

The Coloring Book: 

Brings everything together on one page."Collections and Curiosities" 20 dollars includes shipping.

The Atomatons: 
 Made from repurposed, found objects, these steampunk figures give new life to old cameras, sewing machines, and tape recorders.  All materials were inherited, second hand or out of the dump. Each one represents a character from a book or a WIP like Evelyn of the Sea.    
The Journals: 

Each journal is hand crafted with 50+ blank pages and a coptic binding system. Hand painted backgrounds with vintage, multi-media elements, some from my grandmother's extensive sewing collection that I inherited. I sell them at local craft fairs for 30 bux.

 The Quilts:
These quilts I made for my two daughters.  I used a great book called SCRAP REPUBLIC for reference, but the pattern ended up deviating slightly from the original.  I never can quite stick with patterns.  The rainbow quilt was made from old shirts that my mother-in-law had saved.  The red quilt came from my huge store of fabric.  Finally I put it to some good use.
 The Dolls:   

Each "nymph" is hand sculpted from clay and wood and clothed to match the element they represent.  Shown here is Fire and Wind.  They stand between 6-8 inches and cost 50$.

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Martine said...

Wow, these are gorgeous! I want one. Or three.