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For author school visits and workshops contact Halli Lilburn at  Workshops for ages 10 and up include Poetry, Character Development, Multi Media and Art Journals.

Art Journals

If words alone can’t express individual worth, then use art.  If the art is too abstract to convey an idea, explain it with words.  Together on the same page words and art can create a dream-like partnership that will reveal your story on multiple levels.
Throw traditional norms and views away.  You cannot get your own art journal wrong.  You cannot get a bad grade.  This art is for you.  Even if you never share it, you are still collecting your thoughts, improving communication skills and enhancing your self-awareness.  You might discover new things about yourself that will enable you to progress through life on a higher plane of existence.


Multi-media art provides a gateway for artists to play by their own rules on multiple levels.
Through various techniques and interpretations you can turn your art into a channel of self-discovery.  We will explore social issues, ethics, heroes and our understanding of life using textures, applications, found objects and layering techniques that will create an all encompassing collage to reveal our own stories.


Experimentation is a key to writing good poetry.  We will explore the art form of poetry, why we write, where to find ideas, how to deal with revisions and how to get published, We will discuss different structures of poems, our favorite poets and be introduced to new ones. Don’t be afraid to shake things up. Experiment with form until it feels right. Taking a hands-on approach and by sharing our work we will hone our writing skills.  This class works best for ages 12 and up in a classroom setting.  Bring a pen and a notebook.
Halli Lilburn has poetry published with various literary journals including Seeding the Snow, Grey Sparrow, Red Fez, Bare Back, Poetry Quarterly and Vine Leaves.  She also has a self published chap book titled Ballad of the Sea Lion Woman.

Creative Writing Workshop

Young writers need to be passionate about literature.  By presenting it in new and exciting ways such as art journaling we can create a powerful tool for self actualization and character development.  Inventing a new person, whether in yourself or in your writing can be discovered through simple drawings, actions and dialog.  Using examples from popular YA books such as Hunger Games and Maze Runner we study components such as motivation, childhood trauma and breaking points.  I also enjoy experimenting with illustration and visual activities like picking movie stars to play your characters. This class works best for ages 12 and up in a classroom setting
Halli Lilburn has various stories and poems published in Tesseracts18, Carte Blanche, Spirited by Leap Books, Canadians Stories and others.  She has a young adult, sci-fi novel, SHIFTERS and a poetry chapbook, BALLAD OF THE SEA LION WOMAN.

Halli Lilburn's publications can be used as mentoring texts in many ways:
Shifters is a mentoring text that can be used for character profiles and relationships, dilemma, plot, pacing, point of view, and historical references.  Descriptions of setting are accurate, scientific data is plausible, conspiracies are legally viable.
Discussion questions: These can be found at the back of the book.
Everyone needs a break from reality every once in a while. The irony is the characters in "Shifters" are doing far more than that.  They face not one reality, but several.  If you could create your ultimate reality, what would it be?
In Safe Place, Glynis is not a part of Jan’s life and we see distinct differences in her personality. How has the influence of one person changed your life?  What would you be like without them?
There are many references to water and Lina’s relationships.  What does water symbolize for her?  In the swimming pool with Coach Tyler?  In the ocean of Exile?  In the river with Yusef?
The phrase ‘You can’t save everyone in every reality’ is mentioned a few times.  What does this mean?  Who is she able to save and who is beyond saving?
The idea of cloning is a moral issue with arguments on both sides.  Should it be allowed?  When would it be beneficial for mankind?  What could be some of the negative consequences?
School is a central institution in every student’s life.  Within we are taught to follow rules and obey authority figures.  Lina and her friends suffer the consequences of disobedience, but when is their rebellion mere disrespect and when does it become an uprising? When authority oversteps its bounds, are we justified in fighting back?  Where is the line and who draws it?  Can you see examples of powerful leaders abusing their authority in the world today?  Do we as a nation have the obligation to stop them?
Social Issues addressed: bullying, prejudice, discrimination, tyrannical rulers, the educational system and the law enforcement.
Dear Readers,

My high school experience was not an uplifting one for me.  I was the constant target of bullying (because I was too skinny, go figure).  Being a teen was not easy.
The kinship Lina had with her friends is the kind I always dreamt about.  She made clear, conscious decisions about how she would treat her friends.  She never abused their trust or broke her promises to them.  In that way, maybe I portrayed her as too mature for her age, but I sure wish there were more people like that in this world.
I wanted Lina’s group to be varied and diverse, not only ethnically, but intellectually and emotionally.  Their interests varied from weight lifting to computers but each person’s unique role was edifying and beneficial to their cause.  They represented the opposite of the abusive segregation that Arter attempted.
Difference does not equal fear.  Diversity does not equal intolerance.  We can find hidden talents in everyone, and those talents should be praised.  The first time a guy told me I had killer legs I was shocked.  I thought I was too skinny because I was constantly told that.  I thought I had to look like those girls in magazines.  I thought everyone was shallow.  But they’re not.  I was judging them. 
After that, it was so much easier to turn my weaknesses into strengths and forgive the faults of others.  I did find them, my ideal group of friends, who pulled me through some pretty tough times and I’ll always be thankful to them.  They taught me that no one should be excluded.  No one should be sent to Exile.
You can find more information about me and my work at
Halli Lilburn

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